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We are specialists in repairing commercial catering and refrigeration equipment.

Our client base is incredibly broad, including everything from hotels to hospitals, giving us the variety of experience required to carry out professional catering equipment maintenance.

Our catering equipment maintenance and breakdown services cover a wide variety of commercial catering products such as range cookers, fryers, ware washing, wok burner, dim sum steamers, combination ovens, fridges, freezers and prep equipment –  leaving our expert catering engineers perfectly placed too quickly, safely and effectively carry out urgent repair and maintenance work.


If you have had a refrigerator or a freezer for longer than a six months, chances are its condenser need to be cleaned. Nobody really wants to think about pulling out a huge refrigerator to clean off the dusty, dirty units, but it is actually an extremely important part of refrigerator maintenance.
When your refrigerators are clean, your refrigerator runs much better. It actually does the job it is supposed to!

Dirt is actually responsible for most of the refrigerator breakdowns that happen. At first, dirty refrigerator coils just make the refrigerator work extra hard to keep your food cold, then the internal temperature starts to rise and your food spoils faster. The motor works harder, and at the same time it starts to get clogged with dirt as the whole apparatus gets dirty. The motor may give out, you may have problems with sections freezing over because of uneven temperature distribution, and many other things may go wrong.
You can prevent most refrigerator problems simply having frequent services.


Our preventative maintenance service helps to minimise the costs and reduce any disruption caused by breakdowns, ensuring your equipment works better for longer.

We do our best to ensure deteriorating and worn components are replaced before faults develop, reducing incidences of equipment breakdown and downtime, avoiding major costly repairs and ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly.

We know that time is a valuable and having equipment out of action can be costly – especially in a commercial kitchen environment. Our priority is minimising downtime so you can be back to full speed as soon as possible.

We offer a Gold service where the engineers will service the units to the manufacturers standard. With this our engineers can spot any possible parts which may fail in the near future. From this a quote will be sent for your consideration.

We also offer a Platinum service. With this service you will receive everything from a gold service but on top of this, door seals, thermocouples and depending on units needing our TLC the main parts which always fail will also be replaced.

Please contact us for more information or a free quote.


Breakdowns will always happen in this industry, with our engineers knowledge and van stock contact us today to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

With a number of suppliers we can often get parts delivered next day so the sooner you call us regarding a unit not working the sooner we can get you back up and running.

Unfortunately breakdowns are inevitable but check out our service page to see more about how we can prevent these breakdowns for you.

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